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Handsome Up is the popular penis enlargement device. It increases the supply of blood into the penis and strengthens the surrounding tissue which will ultimately help in providing an erection to the penis. Get your penis enlarged in easy and fastest way and have a happy married life. The device has also been known to greatly enhance the sexual performance of men. The multi-functional handsome up can also be used as a sex toy which adds whole lot of fun to dull sex life. 

How does the Handsome Up work?
Handsome Up is the air pump that consists of a bulb and a cylinder. These two are linked by a rubber tube. The cylinder is connected to a lubricated sleeve. You need to put the sleeve over your penis and then pump the bulb. When pumped, the bulb sucks air out of cylinder and makes vacuum. The vacuum increase the supply of blood into the penis so that the penis gets erection. Since the vacuum expands the tissue, it increases the size of penis. This is the Handgrip Penis Pump which is known to be the best among other penis-pumping devices. The handgrip ensures better pressure control.

Product Details
Material: ABS Cylinder, PVC hose
Size: Length (20cm) x Diameter (6cm)
This is a Power Sex toy that is controlled by hand

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